ALIBI Production Music Library provides the best possible music solution for Trailers, Commercials, Television Promos, and Television shows available. This is how we do it:

All music in the ALIBI catalog has been produced exclusively for ALIBI. We can tell you what every track has been ever used for since no other company represents the same material.

ALIBI understands that projects of different scopes and sizes have different budgets. And we understand that replacing a track once it has been cut to picture can be difficult, frustrating, and time consuming. Therefore, there has been no point where a license has been refused due to budget restrictions.

ALIBI strives to be available to producers at a moment’s notice at all times during standard business hours, as well as almost every other time. Response time to search, quote, licensing, and any other requests is generally under ten minutes.

ALIBI creates music for projects yet to be made. To do this takes a great understanding of the general and specific needs of potential projects, which include:

Energy level varies greatly between projects but most of the time it is necessary for the energy to be at least subtly high. Every slow poignant track ALIBI produces has a subtle pulse (or an alternate mix with a subtle pulse in it) to it to increase the perceived energy of the music and video while maintaining the heartfelt poignant emotion that connects with the audience. A style of music such as Dub Step, which is known for arrhythmic beats, will include a pulsing instrument throughout to make a driving feeling from an un-driving style of music.

ALIBI tracks are designed to build, grow, and transform throughout the pieces including different instruments, production techniques, and energy feelings throughout. They are made to be used as grooves, to build big, to build bigger, or to be cut to decrease in energy.

Alternate Endings
ALIBI tracks are designed to include alternate button and sustained hits which allow editors to naturally pause or end a track anywhere throughout the piece. Whether it works best to end the track during a low energy point, or a grand climactic point, there is an end hit that will work for that ending.

Alternate Mixes
ALIBI includes as many alternate mixes as possible online and on the drive. Whether it be for the producer to choose a mix that doesn’t include a particular instrument, or whether it be to use multiple mixes edited together for a 30 second commercial, or throughout a television program to tie the music together without repeating the same track numerous times to create themes.

Unique Selections
ALIBI is a diverse catalogue of standard styles many projects require, as we also create unique tracks that combine different production elements, styles, and genres. For standard styles we often times offer alternate mixes which may include something just a bit different so that the tracks resonate with what the audience is used to while subtley separating themselves from the rest.

With modern technology creating music has become far easier than ever before. Creating music that is sonically amazing, however, is still an incredible art form, and we only work with composers that have mastered this art. With every instrument and sound in it’s right EQ range and panned to just the right spot to allow the track to live and breathe while also allowing space for sound design, voice over, and dialogue requires years of training and diligence.

New Music
ALIBI is in constant production of new music and we are always open to suggestions of styles to fit your needs.

ALIBI is able to acquire stems for any piece in the ALIBI Production Music Library catalog upon request.

We understand the subtleties of the psychological and emotional impact of music used to propel stories and strive to provide a catalog of diverse compositions to fulfill the needs of your productions, whether stories are suspenseful, comedic, whimsical, etc, and the subtlety of emotions and energy in between.

Music Searches
Successful music searches require a honed intuition in regards to the energy needed for a project, the emotional connection that is intended to be reached with the audience, combined with the style of music that is prefered and the type of project it is for. We love providing this service and are happy to do so at anytime. Send us a reference, a video, or just some general information and we'll do our best (though the general information route usually requires a first direction search to get a better feel for the needs of the project).

Original Composition
ALIBI provides original composition services as well as licensing services and can combine services for show packages. We are also more then likely to produce a new track to add to the catalog to fit any project needs that the existing catalog is unable to fulfill at no cost to you.